Concentr8 - Centrifugal .​.​.​Its the Return Featuring Franklin Mrdrface (Derivative Digital Single)

by Concentr8

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Centrifugal ...It’s the Return
Now that I’m fully liberated,
This is dedicated to the ones that’s glad I made it.
And the rest really need to scamper
C-ox derivative my grandson call me Grandpa
Too cold whether cordless or cord attached
Direction you probably need to go is back
Obstacles Obliterated
Basement windows need to be properly insulated
Ultra Instigated Black Magic,
Paint pictures to make your mind stretch like gymnastics
Irritancy gets close caskets
If you didn’t know now I’m so emphatic.
C12 detail stats Enunciate the urgency
On the Mic 8 _ R _ T _ N _ E _ C
N _ O _ C Currently coming correct
the Libra knows NO Boundary
Astoundingly all muscles erect
resoundingly Y'all Pummeled and bet
I won't play I'm nice on mic devices
Allow me to interject
correctness at its rarest form to the course
I Name me Mineral box unbendable.
Motivate the breaks plus I shock for the principle
Yes exponential
over instrumental
Obliterate the fake no punk with a pencil
Dimple said it simple
they dummy’s with no pickle
shoo sound the same
my code name triple triple
don’t forget to add the deuce
spit truth quite immaculate
Immerse do you worse like saint John the Baptist
It’s the bigbro, Lead with the big toe\
Chemical respected like a pistol to the temple\
Start at the Armory, Killed no slaughter(y) \
Capri Theater first ave. no comedy\
Still Call me Concentr8 put the number for the A.T.E.\
Still liquid Plummer cause I paid the fee, \
Now literally sit back and observe\
Because My DJ won’t play with you once you max out His nerves Imaginary my Friend!


released August 16, 2015
Franklin Mrdrface, Concentr8



all rights reserved